Insolvency law is where the economic rationale and the requirements laid down by law are juxtaposed. The enactment of lnsolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (IBC) has unfolded a series of new measures enabling resolution of insolvency of corporate entity, firms and individuals is being ensured in a time-bound manner. IBC allows continuity of a viable business enterprise without the need of going into liquidation, thus ensuing maximization of the value of assets. Since its enactment, IBC has seen a host of changes been done essentially to plug the loopholes as well as to deal with unexpected challenges. The firm advises creditors, debtors, office bearers (resolution holders or liquidators) in complex issues relating to restructuring, resolution professionals, moratorium, resolution plan, committee of creditors, claims, valuation, compliance, bidding, distribution and implementation under IBC regime.