IP rights include wide range of legal rights which essentially protect creation of human intellect comprehensively covering the inventions, work of art, literature, designs and not limited to but extending to product marks. Such IP rights contribute to the enrichment of the society as a whole. Secure legal assists clients who aspires to protect & enforce their rights by way of Patents, trademark and copyright.

Copyrights exclusively protect original works of authorship covering published as well as unpublished work of creators. We at Secure Legal advise our client on drafting, preparations and filing of all necessary documents alongwith the appropriate forms for copyright application including licensing and assignment of copyright; scrutizing copyright infringement there by taking pertinent legal action and any other related civil and criminal litigations.

In today’s “Brand” conscious World Trademark laws play a very pivotal role as it protects the creation of brand which is eminently important not only for business growth but also for establishing good will. Secure Legal strives to help our clients stand distinct from their competitors by evaluating distinctiveness of the Trademark (wordmark and logo); taking care of filing of trademark application as per required classes and post filing procedures including objections from Trademark ministry, oppositions, hearings and renewal of registered trademarks, etc.

Patent rights confer monopoly rights of an inventor which not only stimulate inventions but also boost country’s development front. Secure Legal endeavour to assist our clients to protect their inventions after analysing the patentability of the invention. We further effectuate drafting of the patent application in furtherance proper filing of all necessary documents and required forms; post filing execution which includes reply to examination report, opposition, hearings and any other related civil and criminal litigations.