Press Release

In a recent Order and Judgment of Madras High Court in Mr.P.N.Vignesh v. The Chairman and Members of the Bar Council & Ors (W.P. No. 31281 of 2019 and W.M.P.No.31428 of 2019) delivered on 03.07.2024, the bench presided by Hon’ble Mr. S.M. Subramanian and Hon’ble Mr. Justice C. Kumarappan held that Legal service is neither a job nor a business. The sole object of the Legal profession is Justice. Truth and Justice can never be traded. The Hon’ble Court has said and we quote “Lawyers with money power can easily place advertisement and gain an added advantage as compared to others. It is noteworthy that since law cannot be treated as a business, economic factors cannot be used as grading mechanism to decide on categorising a lawyer. Every lawyer has his/her own skill sets and are all contributors in this Justice delivery system. Mere ranking or grading of lawyers based on economic factors or otherwise degrades the virtues of the profession.” The Judgment upholds the strong principles of ethics, integrity and ethics attached to the system and underscores that the legal profession is a noble service to society and not a business driven by profit motives. The Judgment and the directions issued by Bar Council of India and respective State Bar Council are welcome steps to protect the interest of public and reinstate the faith in the judicial process. At Secure Legal, we stand committed to the cause of justice, equality before law and fairplay. We adopt and reflect high standards of integrity and virtues of legal profession, however, as a matter of abundant caution, our website will be temporarily unavailable since we are reviewing the content in view of the above judgment and directives of the Bar Councils to ensure absolute compliance. We regret and apologize for the inconvenience caused due to downtime of website and we assure you that it will be back shortly.